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Arrive in Style - VIP Limousine Rentals!

Arrive in Style – VIP Limousine Rentals!

VIP Concierge takes pleasure in not only helping you arrange the most memorable event, experience, or adventure of your life. We also know the finishing touch is arriving in style. We are proud to be affiliated with the Top Limousine providers t
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Get Your Limo On and Arrive in Style

Limousines are frequently viewed as play toys of the rich and famous. Celebrities are often spotted getting out of limos at exclusive Hollywood premieres, fancy restaurants and trendy nightclubs. However, anybody can rent a limo for any occasion they like.

Limos are great for events like bachelor or bachelorette parties, weddings, graduations or any party where the partiers don’t want to drive and want to travel together en masse. You don’t need a special occasion to rent a limo. Some couples like to rent limos just for a romantic evening out on the town. With a limo, you leave the traffic jams and road rage to the driver. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy yourself. The tinted windows offer you plenty of privacy. When you get to your destination, you don’t even have to worry about parking. You can just hop out and be on your merry way.

Limos come in many styles with different capacities and price ranges. The type of limo you rent should depend on who will be riding with you, how many people will be in your group and where you’ll be going. Limos usually have various amenities that make them seem like a living room on wheels. Some of them are almost as big as a living room.

You can find limos equipped with high-end stereo systems, Wi-Fi access, fiber optics, televisions, DVD players, video game consoles, sunroofs, wet bars, karaoke machines and even hot tubs. Most limos are black, white, grey or silver, but there are flashier colors to choose from, such as pink, neon green or orange, if you’re so inclined. Regardless of which limo you select, they’re a fun, chic way to travel, especially in big cities.

You can rent traditional or non-traditional limousines. If you insist on being unique in New York, you can rent a VW Beetle Stretch limo, a Corvette limo or even an F-350 limo. Classic antique limos include such models as the 1937 Cadillas Limo, the 1967 Rolls Royce Phantom V and the 1963 Bentley Sedan. The most commonly rented limos are listed below.


Lincoln is a name that has long been associated with class and luxury. Their distinctive style is easily recognized. They’re the perfect choice for all sorts of occasions, both personal and business. Lincolns have a great safety record due to their full steel extension and front and rear suspension. These luxurious limos come armed with a dazzling array of creature comforts like plush carpeting, double illuminated vanity mirrors, flat panel monitors, champagne coolers, leather seats, mirrored ceilings. The Lincoln Navigator can transport up to 16 passengers in complete elegance.


Hummer limos are the latest, greatest limo you can rent. Up to 24 people can ride in a Hummer. They have mirrored ceilings, full champagne bars, and up to eight flat screen televisions. Some have lava lamps, chrome wheels and even a built-in casino with slot machines, casino-styled tables and a poker room. These mega-limos are hard to handle, so make sure your driver is licensed to drive one and has had experience with Hummers.

Party Buses

Party buses are great for a group of people who aren’t content with waiting to get to their destination before they get their party started. They have any of the luxurious amenities that other limousines have plus the added convenience of a restroom. They also have smoke machines, strobe lights and even dancing poles. You can usually rent a party bus with a host who will make sure your every whim is satisfied. Now, that’s luxury.

Executive Sedans

For smaller, more intimate events or for inner-city business traveling, an executive sedan is a popular choice. They’re the cars that professional chauffeurs most frequently drive. Usually executive sedans are Cadillacs or Lincolns. They only seat three people, but their size makes them less likely to attract attention than stretch limos. These luxury town cars are really the pinnacle of class.

Stretch and Super Stretch Limos

Stretch limos are basically extended versions of executive sedans. They hold six to 10 people comfortably, depending on the model. They usually come in three sizes-the six pack, the eight pack and the ten pack. The Lincoln stretch limo is the most common, and it can be equipped with any of the amenities mentioned previously. They’re terrific for a night on the town with friends or a few business associates. Super stretch limos can easily hold 14 people. Due to their size, it’s important to make sure your driver is licensed and has experience driving one of these behemoths.

SUV Limos

SUV limos fill the bill for many purposes. They can carry anywhere from six to 24 passengers in unrivaled opulence. Many have XM radio, Wi-Fi and satellite television service. They’re especially well suited for companies ferrying businessmen back and forth to airports or business seminars. The most common types of SUV limos are the Cadillac Escalade ESV, the GMC Yukon XL and the Chevy Suburban. These are the most popular limos available thanks to their sterling safety record and huge seating capacity.

VIP Concierge can hook you up with just about any type of limo you desire. Just give us a call, and tell us what you’re planning. We’ll recommend a limo that perfectly suits your needs. No muss, no fuss and no problem.