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Mansion Rentals!

Mansion Rentals!

VIP Concierge, Inc. has access to short term or long term rentals for some of the finest, most elaborate mansions ever built.
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VENUE: Mansion Rentals!
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Leave the World Behind with a Luxury Mansion Rental

For business or pleasure, nothing compares to private mansion rentals when you want to make a grand impression. At VIP Concierge Inc. we have access to exclusive mansions in Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, New York and cities where everyone wants to be. If you want to relax, play and dine in your own private world, we can hook up with an exclusive estate that fits your every need. Renting a mansion is private, luxurious and infinitely more comfortable than any five-star hotel.

Forget about loud restaurants, child-infested pools and cramped suites. Who needs that when you can kick back or gear up for big business in a fully staffed, fully furnished home with amenities and accommodations for the whole gang? Our mansion rentals make it possible for anyone to live and play like the rich and famous. We have access to modern estates, historic properties and everything in between. Our hospitality experts will vet potential options to find the property that fits your personality, individual needs and says everything that you want to say without a word.

Family-Friendly Vacation Rentals

Overbooked hotels and dubious beach rentals are for the birds. Give your family and friends an unforgettable getaway and luxury vacation experience in your own private mansion. Luxury vacation rentals are perfect for family gatherings, reunions, weddings, parties and special events. We can help you select the perfect property and arrange accommodations for a week, a weekend or a longer stay.

You and team family can enjoy a private swimming pool, movies in the home theater and unlimited fun and games in your own entertainment center. We encourage you to sit in front of the big screen and enjoy surround-sound entertainment with your feet wrapped in a leather recliner. There’s a lot to enjoy in a fully equipped mansion, and we can give you access to everything that real mansion owners enjoy.

Corporate Mansion Rentals

Nothing says success like a beachfront property or mansion nestled in Beverly Hills and the heart of L.A.’s Platinum Triangle. As your private concierge, we’ll book an exclusive property that makes the right impression and surrounds your high-profile guests with all the trappings of luxury. Whether you’re arranging a corporate retreat, attending a trade show or hosting out-of-town colleagues, we can locate the perfect property for you and your guests. We have access to exclusive rentals that you won’t find anywhere else and properties that your guests won’t soon forget.

Private mansions are ideal for charity galas, special events and private meetings with domestic or international business partners. Avoiding the hubbub and distractions of major hotels has never been this easy. Instead of a business-class conference room, you can enjoy first-class surroundings with all of the services you need to keep your business running. We’re here to help you seal the deal and get more done on your most important business trip.

Call us to today to discuss your requirements and have us arrange discreet accommodations for you and your guests. We’ll find the perfect mansion vacation rental for you.