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VIP Yacht Rentals

VIP Yacht Rentals

Want to seriously escape the busy life and seek the privacy and relaxation aboard the yacht of your dreams? VIP Concierge has access to the most luxurious yachts for rent.
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Plow the Seas in a Luxury Yacht

Whether you’re planning a corporate outing, a family milestone or simply want to impress your friends and relatives, you should rent a yacht for a day! Not many people can say that they had their wedding, reception or honeymoon on a luxurious floating playground. Similarly, few folks can say that they have ever spent time plowing the sea in the utmost in luxury.

Just like renting a limo, choosing to rent a yacht requires some forethought and planning. You’ll want to consider the occasion, how many people will be accompanying you, for how long you’d like to rent the yacht and what you plan to do while you and your party are on-board the yacht. A charter vacation is an absolutely exhilarating experience that can only be made even better by selecting one of our yachts for rent for your charter.

What is a Yacht, Anyway?

Simply put, a yacht is a luxury boat designed for racing or pleasure. A yacht can be as small as 15 feet long or as long as a football field. There are different names for the different sizes of yachts. A regular yacht is less than 24 meters, it can carry numerous guests and it is loaded with luxurious amenities. Due to the smaller size, it will not have the over-the-top creature comforts and entertainment options that larger yachts have to offer. However, a small yacht can be the ideal venue for a very romantic weekend lost at sea or an extravagant getting acquainted meeting with new business contacts.

VIP Yacht rentals are available in a variety of styles, including motorized, sailing, gullet and catamaran. Each of those types can be categorized into subdivisions.

A motor yacht can have one or more engines. It can have a flybridge that gives the navigator a clear view of both sides of the boat while piloting it. It could also be an open yacht, which is designed for speed and performance.

A catamaran is a yacht with twin parallel hulls. Gulet yachts are traditional Turkish sailing yachts inspired by the ancient Ottoman ships.

The type of yacht you choose to rent will depend on what type of experience you’re seeking.

Superyachts and Mega-yachts

Superyachts are longer than 75 feet. They can be much longer. Mega-yachts are even bigger. Some mega-yachts are hundreds of feet long. Both types have incredibly fantastic luxury appointments and options for activities and leisurely pursuits. On a superyacht or mega-yacht, you might find any of the following lavish goodies.

  • Jet skis or wave runners
  • Diving and fishing equipment
  • Laser sailboats and kayaks
  • Wi-Fi and iPad controllers
  • Pop-up TVs
  • Swimming pools
  • Discos with dance floors
  • Staterooms and suites
  • Jacuzzis in several sizes
  • Inflatable trampolines

Types of VIP Charter Yachts for Rent for Vacations

Yachts can be chartered for various types of vacations. The most common types include family vacations, water sport excursions, exploration, touring, competition, and honeymoons.

If you can’t afford to rent an entire yacht, you could also rent a cabin for a pleasure cruise on many of the seven seas.

VIP Concierge can help you choose one of the yachts for rent that will be perfect for your intended event. Just give us a call, and we can discuss which of our yachts for rent are available and pricing.