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2024 Comic-Con San Diego & Parties

2024 Comic-Con San Diego & Parties

Get your 2024 San Diego Comic-Con tickets for the ultimate VIP experience. Comic-Con International is one of the biggest comic conventions ever, and the after-parties are as good as the show!
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VENUE: San Diego
EVENT DATE: 07/24/2024 07/25/2024 07/26/2024 07/27/2024 07/28/2024
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Ultra-Exclusive, A-List Comic-Con Party (Saturday, July 27th, 2024, ~9PM) (contact us for details) VERY LIMITED AVAILABILITY! $3195 4 Buy Now


2024 VIP Comic-Con Badges Now On Sale!

Breaking news: Industry badges to Comic-Con San Diego are on sale now for 2024. We can’t wait to tell you all about them! What started as a comic book convention in the smoky 1970s has mushroomed into the “largest convention of its kind in the world,” according to Forbes magazine. While CCSD may not technically be the biggest comic convention, as that distinction goes to New York City, many fans believe that it’s by far the best. This event takes over the city is a way that no other convention can.

Comic-Con San Diego is like Revenge of the Nerds meets Breaking Bad in some sort of comic alternative universe. It’s not just a comic book convention. It’s THE comic book convention celebrating all things related to comics like films and video games based on comics as well as the authors and artists who made comic books the mainstream entertainment option that they have become.

What’s Up at Comic-Con International: San Diego?

If you’re reading this, or if someone else is reading it to you, you probably know all about the show. In fact, if you’re scanning this announcement that VIP Concierge already has badges for next year’s Comic-Con in San Diego, you probably were among the masses who attended the last edition of this epic celebration, and you had yourself a bang-up time. For 2024, the celebration runs from Wednesday, July 24th (preview night) through Sunday, July 28rd, and we can hardly wait!

Comic-Con is to a surplus of spare time what the annual South by Southwest bash in Austin is to indie music. In fact, indie film producers, artists and writers all get their 10-15 minutes of fame at this show. Who knows what the future holds for these kinetic agents of creativity? That’s what is so great about this festival. The long-established legends are revered; the young lions are given respect, and a good time is had by all. Plus, there’s so much to see and do.

Comic-Con Badges and VIP After-Party Access

Our industry badges include preview night, so you can see (and brag about!) the latest Comic-Con panels before everyone else. While badges for 2024 are currently sold out, we also have tickets to the best of the best Comic-Con parties. That’s right. These fanboys know how to have fun. We have VIP party passes now, but they won’t last long, so act now to make sure that you’ll be there. From anime artists to the architects of the DC Universe, you’ll see more superheroes and up-and-coming comic book writers and illustrators at this convention than any other convention in the world, guaranteed, and the lineup of celebrities who make appearances on the floor and at the elegant after-parties packs a mighty punch. Ka-pow!

Last but not least, certainly, are the people who come in costume. From Harley Quinn look-alikes to Raphael of the Ninja Turtles, you’re sure to see real-life versions of your favorite comic book stars. You may even spot Waldo with his cap and red-and-white striped jumper! Artistic and devoted–that’s how to describe people who attend the convention every year. Doesn’t that sound like you? That’s why Comic-Con is so much fun. Every edition is a little bit different. It’s the ultimate fan fest. And you can bet that many, many of the attendees have dreams of their own success in the entertainment world. The big question is: what will you wear?

Reserve Your VIP Badges for Comic-Con San Diego

Sure, comic conventions are held in major cities far and wide, from New York to Liverpool, but none of them compares to Comic-Con International. With roughly 135,000 annual attendees, Comic-Con San Diego is the mothership of comic conventions. We’ve got badges now, but they won’t last long. Comic-Con is a guaranteed sell-out! Every. Single. Year. It’s very difficult to get these passes, but we did, and now you can go. Don’t ask how we got them! That’s our superpower.

For a limited time, we’re offering industry badges that give you inside access to the entire convention and more than four days of fun at the San Diego Convention Center. It’s actually five days of fun if you count preview night. Check our selection of VIP Comic-Con badges for 2024, or call us for more details.