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October 10,2015

Are you ready for the October 31, 2015 Halloween party at Hugh Hefner’s infamous Playboy Mansion? This is THE Halloween party to attend if you want to see and be seen, and Oh! what sights you’ll see!

The mansion has 5 acres that will be totally done up to give you the creeps. There are 2 graveyard attractions, 80 scary actors whose job is to frighten the pants off you, which is within the rules of this soiree. Immersive lighting and sounds, music, celebrities–even comedians, the lowest form of entertainers, will be there, trying to scare up a little fun. Of course, expect to party down with some beautiful people. You might even get lucky, if you know what I mean with a lucky him or her.

In 1974, Hugh Hefner moved his primary residence from the original Chicago mansion. He dropped about $1 million for the property and now it is worth over $50 million–partly for the way it is and partly for the notorious parties and lifestyle Hef lived as owner. Of course, he has kept adding new features to the estate, such as a game room and a mini mansion to the tune of some $20 million to the 22 room mansion property. You’ve probably seen the house in the TV shows Entourage and The Girls Next Door and lots of movies including Lethal Weapon 2. The mansion is located at 10236 Charing Cross Rd., Los Angeles, California. Unless you are some A-list celebrity, do not just cruise on by expecting to get in. You won’t be able to crash the gate. Security is tight for good reason.

However, you can buy tickets from the VIP concierge at http://www.thevipawardshowtickets.com/VIPEvents/146/playboy-mansion-halloween-party-VIP-tickets.aspx. And unless you’ve been there, you darn sure haven’t done that. Hef’s parties are outrageously fun and nobody can stop talking about them for years–or until the next Playboy party comes up.

So get up for the down stroke. Get down with the good vibes. Jump up and get yourself some tickets to the most famous Halloween party in these entire United States. Don’t miss your chance to rub elbows and dance the night away with the hottest celebrities on the planet. If it’s a Playboy production, you know that it’s adults only, so leave your kids at home with the babysitter. Tell them you’re going to a business meeting, and the client insists that you wear a costume.

And remember, the naughtiest costume will get the most attention. Jungle Boy, Jungle Girl and all the horrific creatures you’ve seen in horror movies past will be there. So should you.