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It’s Part Time at the Playboy Mansion–and You’re Invited

November 11,2015

There are three times every year that Hugh Hefner throws open the doors to the Playboy mansion and pitches the bitchingest party this side of forever. New Year’s Eve is the last one of the year (or the first, depending on how you’re counting). And, just as you’d expect, this is no bring your own beer type soiree. Nah. That wouldn’t be in the true spirit of Playboy, the magazine that defined style, taste and provided so many great articles down through the decades. If every man in the United States read every article published in Playboy, then every man would be so much more hip and up-to-date, but sadly that’s not the case.


However, every woman and man can go to the Playboy Mansion New Year’s party, as long as you get yourself some tickets. That’s easy enough. We have them already wrapped up for you at http://www.thevipawardshowtickets.com/vipevents/147/playboy-mansion-new-years-eve-party.aspx.They waiting for the lucky people who make their move and set their sights on getting down with all sorts of celebrities, such as athletes, actors, models, musicians, politicians, astronauts and even the lowliest form of entertainer–the comic. Of course, there will be plenty of eye-candy for ladies and gentlemen alike. That’s what separates Hef’s bashes from other folks who think they know how to throw a party. Just check the cars that the valets are parking. Nothing but the hottest statement style sports cars and luxury vehicles–the beautiful cars that belong to the most beautiful people.

There’s not much point in telling you that the New Year’s Eve party is once again on December 31. That’s a no-brainer, but in case you’ve been living off the grid, it’s 2015, and this party is celebrating the arrival of 2016.


Don’t worry about blending in with all the celebs. Just dress to kill and be your own funky self. After all, it ain’t nothing but a party–a very exclusive party at the Playboy Mansion. Imagine how jealous your friends will be when you tell them you bought tickets. Imagine how thrilled your date will be when you pull up to the mansion and are invited to enter and enjoy the festivities. You can visit the grotto, hang on the open bar or spend time cavorting with all the new friends you’ll make.


But just like the lottery, you have to play to win, and you’ll need tickets to get into this ring dang doo. So, punch up your social existence and pull out some plastic. Make the scene and fill your memory banks with all sorts of new sights and sounds.


If it doesn’t burn, it ain’t hot. And all of Hef’s parties are hotter than a ghost pepper.