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October 10,2015

Ho ho ho! It’s that special time of year! The daffodils are long past gone. Spring break was ages ago. Summer vacation isn’t here yet, and your Wednesday nights are occupied by one very special show. And no, before you say anything, it’s not Survivor. If you haven’t read the headline and if you still need a hint, this show airs on FOX. Need another hint? This is season 14. That’s XIV for all of you Romans out there.

May is American Idol season. April is too. The competition really heats up. It boils over with each elimination. Can you believe Qaasim Middleton? What’s up with that!? Gosh, now we have to vote for Quentin Alexander or Tyanna Jones instead. We all know that the seasons have some ups and downs, but the most exciting moment is undoubtedly the finale. It’s way too much excitement for one day. That’s why Idol producers keep us burning on May 12, 2015, all the way through May 13. In fact, if you count the wild and ridiculously crazy after party, the excitement will continue through the morning of the 14th.

First of all, wouldn’t it be exciting to party with Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick Jr? Maybe HCJ will whip out a little of his piano stuff. It could be fun if you’re into that kind of thing. . . . We’ve heard enough of his karaoke-ing by now anyway. Speaking of great performances, American Idol never fails to reel in big stars. Within weeks, Florida Georgia Line, Fifth Harmony, Tori Kelly, Jason Derulo and Iggy Azalea appeared on the show. Not to mention David Hasselholf and his medley. Boy, that was a humdinger if I ever saw one. I think the real question is who will perform at the finale? My goodness, who is left? The second most important question is what will the theme be? They’ve practically run out of them too! Nevertheless, there is no question that the finale and the VIP after party will be awesome, great, fantastic–even STUPENDOUS!

One thing about the finale is even more exciting than you think. If you haven’t realized, you have a chance to attend this mega event. Who, who, who? What, where, when, why? You, you, you! The American Idol Finale for 2015. At the fabulous Nokia Theatre in beautiful, dazzling Los Angeles. On Tuesday, May 12, 2015, or Wednesday, May 13, 2015. You can decide to attend one or both days! Woop! And finally, why should you attend? 1. Because the finale is awesome. 2. Because the performers are spectacular and 3. Because as a die-hard fan, you have a duty to see the show through to the end and the party.

We’re still nagging the web administrator to fix the date issue below. The event is truly, really, honestly happening on May 12th and 13th, so give us a call, and we’ll hook you up with VIP tickets to the ultimate American Idol Finale!