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Rambo: Last Blood

A Premiere Set To Rock LA Sequel-lovers of the world, we are happy to offer tickets to the world premiere and after-party for Rambo: Last Blood. It's all happening on September 16th in Hollywood, Los Angeles, where heroes live on and on in various iterations in perpetuity. The Legend Returns Stallone's Rambo character not only has, does and will survive his newest crusade, but he'll also come out the far end of the misery tunnel with new interpersonal communication skills and a deeper meaning of the world. Translated to [...]

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2019 Heidi Klum Halloween Party

2019’s Hottest Halloween Party: Heidi Klum If you've grown tired of the local Halloween celebrations, and you don't feel like throwing your own bash, VIP Concierge has just what you need. With VIP Concierge you can celebrate the season of the witch, as Donovan said--even if he wasn't referring to autumn, he still said it.  Celebrate The Season in Style Halloween is second only to New Year's Eve as the most-celebrated (meaning most money spent) holiday in the U.S. Many people think it's the best, and they go all [...]

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Movie Madness Takes Over Toronto

Toronto International Film Festival '19: The Ultimate Event for Movie Fans One of the world's most cosmopolitan cities, Toronto is the perfect setting for a truly international film festival. Now in its 47th year, TIFF is one of the world's largest publicly attended film festivals.  Nearly half a million film fanatics congest the streets during the 11-night event, which includes more than 200 screenings and world premieres. The Toronto International Film Festival has it all. It's not Sundance; it's not Cannes or Tribeca; and it's definitely not your average [...]

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This Man Is On Fire: Burning Man 360

Burning Man Tickets Are on Fire!  Burning Man 360 isn't crazy. How could it be? It's an event, a thing, a concept, an entity that cannot be described in one word, much less in one lone adjective. It can't be personified by sticking some poor lonely descriptor in front of it, expecting that word to do your explaining for you.  It's hard to talk about Burning Man unless you've been there, done that, know the feeling and drank the kool-aid. Now you're sitting there in your cube-farm waiting for [...]

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Cast Your Vote: Teen Choice Voting Is Down to the Wire

Teen Choice Voting Continues Until the Last Minute They say there are only two things guaranteed during a person's lifetime - death and Texas, but we at VIP Concierge beg to differ with them, whoever those "they" people might be.  We can think of at least two other things you can count on as well. You know that the FOX network has never held back on the apparent rebellious nature of its programming. It took chances, and the network wanna'-be fought the big three--and it's been the big four [...]

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MTV VMAs Read to Light Up Newark

Newark Is Aglow With The MTV VMAs At long last, the long-awaited MTV VMA' are finally here, and it was well worth the wait. For all of us who've been eagerly anticipating the official release of the MTV Video Music Awards nominees, our impatience has finally been rewarded.  Now we're more excited than ever to have a pair of tickets to the Monday, August 26th extravaganza. They're resting dutifully inside a locked safe deposit box at a big bank with armed guards, but if you want to be there [...]

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Discover the Meaning of Style with New York Fashion Week Tickets

After last year's slimey Kids' Choice Awards, why would WWE Wrestler and actor John Cena want to return as host for the 2018 slimetastic event? Because it's fun, that why. Cena has officially been named as host, and he had better be slime proof because gallons of the icky green stuff will be coming his way. Of course, the goop is easily washed off after an hour in the shower and gallons water and voluminous amounts of soap.

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The Oscar Parties Might Be Bigger Than The Oscars!

Attending the Oscar awards is certainly a fabulous experience, but it pales in comparison to the after parties. That’s when all the stars and movie moguls get together to celebrate their fortune or commiserate their losses. Either way, they’re there to have fun, after of course, changing into their most sensational attire for public consumption. The parties are the crème de la crème.

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Tony Award Winner James Corden Is Hosting the 70th Annual Tony Awards

Talk about being on a roll, professionally. If ever an actor, writer, producer, comedian, singer and television host has been on one, it's James Corden, and he has been on a nice long ride. He's been the host of CBS's The Late Show for over a year and has garnered significant attention for his viral videos, especially Carpool Karaoke, garnering over 410 million views and 1.84 million subscribers for the show’s YouTube channel. The Late Show has more social media buzz than any other program in its time period [...]

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The Billboard Music Awards Reward Sales, Airplay and Performance

Success rules at the Billboard Music Awards. Popularity isn't a factor. This awards show is based solely on gross sales, total airplay and performance pay. You can't be a nobody with a cool haircut to cut it at the Billboard Awards. You have to be somebody--somebody who's sold a lot of CDs; somebody whose songs have been downloaded many, many, many times; somebody who just got back from a sold-out world tour. You have to be that kind of somebody. When you realize the criteria for being a Billboard [...]

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