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Made in America–The American Music Awards

May 05,2020

OMG! The 2019 American Music Awards were relentless, weren’t they? How can you beat the live lineup including Selena Gomez doing 2 of her latest hits, Ciara, Lizzo, Thomas Rhett, Shawn Mendez/Camillo Cabello collaboration, Kesha, Toni Braxton, Billie Eilish, Halsey, Green Day and the Jonas Brothers. As if that wasn’t enough, Taylor Swift, the de facto queen of pop music captivated us all as she accepted her Artist of the Decade award. It must be nice to have such a wide and beloved catalog of songs she can turn to, and she didn’t pull any punches, performing her old and newest hits for the hungry crowd.

Taylor has finally surpassed Michael Jackson for most trophies won at this awards show, but she has a long time to go, and she’s not finished winning yet.

The AMAs are determined through a complex algorithm that determines popularity measured by backing figures on sales, downloads, live performances and general hotness. That means it’s measure in good old dollars. If you backed, bought or shared Taylor’s material with others, you added to the likelihood that she’d win one of the many trophies they were handing out last November. It’s doubtful that many, if any, acts would be outselling Taylor Swift.

So, the 2020 AMAs will be at the Microsoft Theatre in tropical Los Angeles, which is the presumed annual nominee for City of the Year, except the AMA doesn’t award that distinction. The estimated date for the 48th Annual American Awards is Sunday, Nov. 22nd, 2020, which can change of course, since that’s what we mean by “estimated,” but we’re pretty sure about the date and location.

Don’t miss out. Reserve your tickets to the 2020 American Music Awards right now by calling us immediately. Then, you can look forward to autumn’s shorter days, frigid nights and all of the fun you’ll have at the AMA show and the after parties.