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Book a Celebrity Host and/or Performer for your Event!

Book a Celebrity Host and/or Performer for your Event!

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PRICE: Contact us for Details! Minimum Budget: $50k for host, $150k for artist/performer


Say, what? Who’s performing at your party? I can’t believe it. Just image how impressed your friends and followers will be when you book an A-list celebrity or big-name entertainer to host or perform at your next big event. The crowd will go from 0 to 60 when a well-known face takes center stage as a host, guest speaker or surprise performer. It will be the party to end all parties.

From Comedians to Sports Stars and Internationally Recognized Speakers

VIP Concierge is here to make your party planning dreams come true. We’ll even work with your event planner while you take care of all the other stuff that you need to do. When it comes to business, it’s all about who you know. You don’t have to tell us. Knowing people is our job. You might be surprised by who we have on speed dial. We can work with you to book A-list comedians, actors, sports stars, musicians, spokesmodels and internationally recognized speakers. We might even know a few TEDx stars, bestselling authors and Nobel Prize winners, and not just the ones from the country club.

Thanks to our extensive network of industry contacts and direct link to talent managers, we’ve booked celebrities for birthday parties, bar and bat mitzvahs, family reunions, retirement parties, corporate retreats, seminars and bachelor/bachelorette parties, you name it. This all-new service is a great option for our friends in the nonprofit sector too. Celebrity hosts and guest speakers can build interest in your special events to help you achieve your fundraising goals. There’s no doubt about it.

Hiring Celebrity Performers for Your Next Event

Who says that you can’t hire an internationally renowned personality to host your next party? Jim Gaffigan performs at the National Cherry Festival in Traverse City, Michigan. Prop comedy genius Gallagher made a career out of blowing up watermelons on college campuses. Even celebrities have to make money, and spending time emceeing a party hosted by you isn’t a bad way to pay the bills. Let’s face it. Everyone has a price. It just depends on who you’re hiring.

In most cases, the minimum appearance fee is $50,000 for a celebrity to host a special event. For a private concert or guest performance, expect to budget at least $150,000. But as you know, “There are some things money can’t buy; for everything else, there’s Mastercard.” Our book-a-celebrity service is like the Mastercard of party planning. We’re excited because it allows you to create a priceless experience for your organization and the special people in your life.

Some folks who want to see celebrities dream to going to Las Vegas to see top-rated performers like Carrot Top, Penn and Teller and Britney Spears, but with your inside connections at VIP Concierge, you can get the celebrities to come to you. We’ll make all the arrangements for a celebrity or performer to travel to a location or venue of your choice.

Book a Celebrity With VIP Concierge Today!

Great parties start with great planning. If you’re hosting an event for a number-one fan or if you’re looking for some fresh ideas, get in touch with our experts. We’ll be happy to discuss your timeline and plan all the details. Take your next event from average to awesome. We promise to give you all the credit.

Just remember to contact us early for the best availability. We can’t guarantee your top choice on your preferred date unless you call.