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October 10,2015

A whole lot of crazy stuff will be going down at this year’s MTV Movie Awards. That’s for sure. For starters, the irreverent, unapologetic funny woman Amy Schumer is hosting, which pretty much says it all. Just as a refresher, she’s the head writer, executive producer and creative queen behind the critically acclaimed sketch comedy “Inside Amy Schumer.” On award show night, which is Sunday, April 12, 2015, we expect her to bring it and wield total control over the wildest award show on TV. If you’d ask us, we’d say this is a perfect matchup.

Ms. Schumer has already given MTV a taste of her comic talents in a promo where she ambushes Anna Kendrick and startles the “Into the Woods” star with assertive remarks and alarming gestures before chugging beer from one of Kendrick’s trademark cups. This is the Amy Schumer that everyone has loved since she first appeared on “Last Comic Standing” and Comedy Central’s “Reality Bites Back.” However, on April 12, she will ditch the pajamas and pasta-filled colander for some suitable award show attire.

What can attendees expect at the 24th annual MTV Movie Awards? There will be plenty of rowdy, raunchy humor, celebrity sketches and off-the-wall performances. After the Golden Globes®, the Oscars®, the Critics’ Choice Awards and the People’s Choice Awards, all of the stars and award winners just want to let loose. That’s why the MTV Movie Awards are different! They have to be. Eddie Redmayne, Amy Adams, Rosamund Pike and all the others have paid their dues on the award show circuit. Now it’s time to have some fun presenting Golden Popcorn to actors and actresses who are recognized for different merits.

In case you forgot, MTV hands out awards for serious performances and vital acting skills like Best Scared-As-S**t Performance, #WTF Moment and Best Shirtless Performance. Some of the other categories, such as Movie of the Year, Best Male Performance and Best Female Performance, are more traditional. Then there are there are the really important honors, like the MTV Generation Award and the MTV Trailblazer Award, which are only given to those uber-important people who have left an indelible impression on the current generation of MTV fans. After reaching the pinnacle of popularity with today’s MTV demographic, they only have one place left to go. VH1.

The MTV Movie Awards will always be the number one event for the young at heart and for anyone with a sense of humor. So what if Amy Schumer got the job because Chelsea Handler said no, this is going to be the best movie award show ever. Get your tickets to the MTV Movie Awards from www.VIPAwardShowTickets.com, or call us directly at 866-847-4382 FREE to reserve your seat in the Nokia Theatre.