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The Golden Globes Awards are the Artist’s Favorite

November 11,2015

Yeah, there are more prestigious awards shows, like the Oscars. Sure, there are other awards shows dedicated to one genre of entertainment, like the GRAMMYs. And there are even more ridiculous awards shows, like the Kids’ Choice Awards. However, there is no other awards show as beloved by the people who attend it. To them it is more fun, and that makes it more fun for everyone, even the losers.

This year’s Golden Globes are happening on December 10 in beautiful Beverly Hills at the exteriority Beverly Hilton hotel. This is the 73rd annual Golden Globes, and it’s sure to be as good as they always are.

Part of what makes this show different from all the others is the loose atmosphere. The guests have a sensational dinner and then spend time table hopping with all their friends as they watch the proceedings. After the event, they head on out to the parties, where they might meet. . . YOU! Of course, for them to meet you and for you to meet them, you’ll have to buy some tickets, but VIP Concierge has that covered at https://vipawardshowtickets.com/golden-globe-awards-parties-tickets. Pick up a few tickets for you and your BFFs. It’ll be more fun than the best party you’ve never been to.

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association and Dick Clark Productions run the show, and they always try to outdo themselves. The show honors film and TV, and it is usually seen by some 160 countries across the world. Last year, the right people were watching too. The valued 18-49 year old demographic increased and the overall viewership leaped by over 14 million viewers, most likely because Tina Fey and Amy Poehler hosted the show and they are just sooo popular and trendy. They’re also pretty damned funny.

The gears are already in motion. Submissions have been made, and the nomination ballots will be mailed shortly. December is the final screening date for the films, and December 5 is the final date for motion picture press conferences. Nomination ballots must be received by Ernst and Young, and the nominees will be made public on December 10. Then the final ballots will be mailed on December 21 with the final ballots being submitted by January 6, when they’ll be tallied for the January 10 show.

Before the ballots are tallied, do not tarry. If you wait, the few tickets we have will be all gone. So, if you want to see what it’s like to attend the favorite awards show of all, and hit the after parties, don’t wait. Get your tickets today.