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October 10,2015

Pssst. Want to know one of the best kept secrets in Hollywood? No, it’s not how to get a private screening of “Wolf of Wall Street” with Martin Scorcese. In fact, it has nothing to do with wolves. And it’s definitely not about the short skating program at the Sochi Olympics. It’s much closer to home.

The best kept secret in Hollywood has to do with the little gold man himself, Sir Oscar®. Come March 2, there will be nobody more in demand than the impish gold statue. Many, many actors, producers, directors and support personnel are waiting with baited breath—so much so that they may hyperventilate. But that’s not the secret we’re talking about.

Did you know that there are many parties that are expressly designed for the Oscar Awards themselves? OK, you probably knew that, because that’s not the secret. It’s also no secret that those parties are hosted by some of the biggest names in show business, and that tickets to these parties are as rare as feathers on a crocodile.

Here’s the secret. You can buy Oscar party tickets just like you can buy a chalupa at a taco stand. VIP Concierge doesn’t only have tickets, we have VIP passes to the viewing and after-parties! You’ll be able to walk right through the velvet ropes to the parties everyone wishes they were going to attend. It’s no secret that there are parties. After all, this is Hollywood, the home of excess. The secret is that 2014 Oscar Party tickets are so easy to get.

Just to refresh your memory, here a list of the most coveted parties happening the night of the show. Some are viewing parties, and some are strictly after-parties, but they all the biggest, most bodacious soirees you’ll find in Hollywood on that night.

• Sir Elton John knows all about Oscar® viewing parties. After all, he’s thrown one every year since Pontius was a pilot. And don’t you know that he knows all the right people to invite, and the people who don’t get invited show up anyway, hoping to get inside. You can get inside the Elton John viewing and after-party. We have the tickets to prove it. Just so you know you’ll be in good company, a few of last year’s attendees includes none other than Ellen Degeneres, Mary Jo Blige, Sharon Stone, Simon Cowell, Josh Grogan, Billy Joel, Bobo, Harrison Ford, Calista Flockhart, Goldie Hawn, Victoria Beckham and Kate Beckinsale, and a bunch of other stars. We’d love to list them all, but that would make this article too long by far. Sir Elton also has a charity auction that brings out celebrities wanting to donate to a great cause, AIDS research. Of course, there will be mucho musico, featuring Elton and his band along with this year’s It boy, British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran. Don’t bother to pack a lunch. Chef Gordon Ramsey has kitchen duties for the night. If this sounds good to you, give us a call.

• The Night of 100 Stars Oscar® Viewing Dinner Party is the most famous Oscar® party that is incorrectly named. It’s more like the Night of More Stars Than You Can Count. Many previous winners and nominees show up to see and be seen with the beautiful people and to party down with the winners. The Beverly Hills is a great place for any party, and this one is probably the party of the year.

• James Cameron’s Academy Awards Black Tie Gala really is a gala. You can see a fashion show, a live auction, musical performances and enjoy a meal made by a celebrity chef. By that we mean a chef who’s a celebrity, not a celebrity trying out his family’s favorite recipes. There’s nothing but the best at this bash, and we have the tickets to prove it. We even have VIP table options too. Only 500 people are allowed, so these tickets sell out quick. In fact, you’d better call us right now to see how many we have.

To run with the big dogs, you need to jump off the porch. VIP Concierge has tickets that will let you hang and do with those who really know how to do just that. Be somebody. Go to an Oscar® viewing and after-party this year.