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October 10,2015

Now that the glimmer and glitz of the major awards shows for motion pictures and television has dimmed, a whole new award show series rushes in to fill the void. Those lucky folk who attend all the various award shows must have their heads swimming, but one thing’s for sure. If it’s summer, and they’re in New York City, they must be at the Tonys. The 2015 installment of praise is happening on June 7, and if you want to be there for all the excitement, VIP Concierge has tickets for both the show and the after party. All you have to do is decide how many you need and whip out your credit card.

The list of nominations won’t be officially announced until April 28, so there’s still a long way to go. The cutoff for this year’s extravaganza is just a few weeks away, on the 23rd of April. After that, nominations for great performances and all the rest will have to wait until 2016.

Although the Tonys don’t reel in the big figures in the ratings, the demographic of the viewers makes it a worthwhile telecast for CBS. It might not be the biggest audience, but it is a loyal audience and can be counted on to be watching. Last year’s show, the 46th annual, pulled in the largest viewership ever with some 6 million watchers.

Broadway’s autumn slate of shows included many that could become big winners in June. Shows like “This Is Our Youth,” Sting’s musical “The Last Ship,” Off Broadway fan favorite “Fun Home,” the Bill Condon-directed “Side Show” and the highly regarded “The King and I” revival could all make waves. A few stars who will certainly be in the running are Hugh Jackman for “The River,” Glenn Close for “A Delicate Balance” and Helen Mirren’s for “The Audience.”

One nice thing for the show itself is that it will not be held in the cramped confines of the Upper West Side’s Beacon Theater. That venue was so small that tickets had to be rationed because there were only 3,000 seats. Even some of the producers of the nominated shows could not get in to see their shows win.

This year, the awards are going to be downtown, as in the Rockefeller Center arena, which has twice as many seats as the Beacon. There’s a full-size stage that can be used for full-sized performances of mega-musical hits. The venue is so perfect that all the major awards shows have been held there at one time or another because it has the capacity to handle a big crowd and a gigantic staging zone. Because there are so many available seats, VIP Award Show Tickets has extras for the show and the de rigueur after party.

If you’re a big fan of all things Broadway, the Tonys are as entertaining as the shows themselves. You can feel the drama and the disappointment as the winners are called out to come up and receive their mirrored ball.

Don’t miss out. Pick up a couple pairs of tickets for you and your friends. You’ll be in good company, and you’ll have a terrific, once-in-a-lifetime experience at the 2015 Tony Awards.