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2019 Heidi Klum Halloween Party

September 09,2019

2019’s Hottest Halloween Party: Heidi Klum



If you’ve grown tired of the local Halloween celebrations, and you don’t feel like throwing your own bash, VIP Concierge has just what you need. With VIP Concierge you can celebrate the season of the witch, as Donovan said–even if he wasn’t referring to autumn, he still said it. 



Celebrate The Season in Style



Halloween is second only to New Year’s Eve as the most-celebrated (meaning most money spent) holiday in the U.S. Many people think it’s the best, and they go all out. 


One of those people is German model gone crazy for Halloween: Heidi Klum. Her super-exclusive bash is at the very top of the list of best annual parties held in the lower 48, as well as Alaska, Hawaii, and a bunch of islands and protectorates.


Anything as desirable as tickets to Heidi Klum’s Halloween party gets our attention. That’s because we have a team of dynamic accountants and statisticians who analyze the habits and preferences of our membership.


They compute the results so that we know exactly what tickles the fancy of the fanciful–and this party has several “it” factors, as identified by said savants.


First of all, it’s in New York City. Secondly, it’s in New York City. That’s good enough for first and second place. We think everybody should visit NYC at least once per year. We find it’s good for the soul. The notoriety and sheer celebrity of the event makes it a must-do. And like most great parties, once you do, you want to do it again.



A Party With A Twist



We like Heidi’s attitude. That’s another contributing factor. She wants a great Halloween party where she can rock an outrageous costume as only she can. In the past, she’s been a butterfly, Cleopatra, an ape and a body with “the first layer of skin ripped off.” 


The German stunner completely transformed herself recently into an elderly lady, and was totally unrecognizable. The blonde had ultra-realistic age spots and raised varicose veins running up and down her famous legs to add the perfect finishing touch to her granny getup.


Obviously she’s down for the challenge if anybody cares to try outdressing her. In fact, every year she starts getting ready in early summer planning and hiring tailors, jewelers, special FX/makeup wizards, and wig makers to create her next great costume. 


Everybody is on a need to know status, with the accounting firm of Ghoul, Jinn and Succubus being the only entity aware of her next cosplay.



Everyone Who’s Anyone Attends



What else, you ask. What else makes this party so fabulous? Well, as if that wasn’t enough, you’ll be hanging with a load of celebrity attendees–but you might not recognize them. This is the East Coast’s most anticipated Halloween event with costumed celebrities and fright-inducing decor. 


Music is always provided by Heidi’s favorite DJ Questlove who is best known as the drummer from the hip-hop band, the Roots. 


The venue is private, but you’re invited to pick up passes to one of the best bashes of the year. Heidi Klum’s Halloween party has been going strong since the turn of the century, which suddenly seems long ago. 


It won’t be long before we sell the last few tickets we have so make your move or you can read about it in November in the society column of the trades.